Who we are?

BMBike - Bicycles at Miro. How should we describe ourself? We were really thinking about this. We know that we are a family-run company with a sport spirit and we have a lot od enthusiasm that is an indispensable part of our daily routine, both working and private life.

Here you go, 

enter. We invite you to discover with us the charm of cycling as an active lifestyle. We will be happy to help you through our rich cycling experience and, besides products, we will also give you the courage to become a cyclists by body and soul like us. We are here for enthusiasts, hobby guys, fiddlers, trained ones and of course, beginners. Simply for everyone. In addition to offering great bicycles, parts and accessories, we also provide bicycle service where we strive to keep your bicycle as short as possible. Your bicycle will be treated with precision and our favorite, a great deal of punch-making. We never forget that our customer is our chcief. But enough, just come and see for yourself. We are looking forward to you!

What do we offer?

- purchase in installments (without price increasing)
- card payment or bank transfer
- sending on delivery
- free delivery within Bratislava
- high-quality and fast service (also without waiting)
- loyalty discounts and benefits
- gift cards
- the possibility to visit outside the opening hours
- superior service

Take the opportunity to buy via e-mail or order goods by phone! (ESHOP reservation coming)